Should you request a paternity test?

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2023 | Family Law

Many people associate paternity testing with court orders and dismiss the importance of the tests in other instances. There are cases when it is in the father’s best interest to pursue paternity testing as a precaution and a means to protect their legal rights.

Understand some common cases when paternity testing is particularly beneficial.

The birth mother is talking about adoption

For an unmarried couple, it may feel as though the birth mother has all of the authority in deciding on adoption. The fact is that an established legal father can prevent adoption, but it often requires a paternity test to establish your role. If the mother declares the father unknown on the birth certificate, she may be able to place the baby for adoption without the father’s signature. Paternity testing establishes your identity as the biological father and secures your parental rights to prevent that adoption and take custody of your child.

You suspect infidelity

If you have reasons to suspect that someone else is the father of the child due to infidelity, a paternity test can protect you from frivolous child support claims by the birth mother.

The mother is neglectful

An unfit mother creates new legal challenges. When you want custody of your child because of negligence, establishing legal paternity first can strengthen your case. This shows the court that you have a legal right and obligation to the child.

Paternity testing provides a legal means to enforce your rights to your child, protect your interests and avoid possible legal complications.