How children benefit when parents share parental responsibilities

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2023 | Family Law

An Illinois divorce or separation is often challenging for families. It may prove particularly so when there are children in the middle. However, joint custody arrangements offer many benefits for the well-being and development of the children.

Children experience multiple benefits when their parents share parental responsibilities.

Emotional stability

When both parents maintain involvement in the lives of their children, the children feel the love and support from both parents. This emotional security helps children cope with the stress of the divorce. It may also reduce feelings of abandonment or resentment.

Stronger parent-child relationships

Children thrive when they have strong relationships with both parents. Sharing parental responsibilities allows children to spend meaningful time with each parent. This in turn fosters deeper connections. These relationships help support emotional and psychological development. They also help children feel a better sense of security.

Reduced stress levels

When parents share parental responsibilities, children do not feel as if they have to choose between parents. This can significantly reduce the emotional stress and guilt that many children experience when their parents separate.

Improved academic performance

Studies show that children in joint custody arrangements perform better academically than their peers who live in single-parent homes. They also have higher grade point averages than their peers who live with just one parent. This may be the result of the emotional stability, consistent routines and supportive environments that joint custody provides.

By working together and putting their children’s best interests first, parents can help their kids thrive despite the challenges of divorce or separation.