Can your job increase your chances of divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2022 | Family Law

In marriages across the country, similarities have popped up between the leading factors that eventually tear a couple apart. For example, financial matters have driven a wedge between pairs for decades.

However, recent discoveries shine a light on the fact that it might not just be about how much you make for a living. It might also have to do with how you make that money.

Do artists get more divorces?

For the longest time, a stereotype has existed that says creative types and other artistic individuals struggle to find success in personal relationships and have a hard time making marriages work. Music Times looked into divorce rates among musicians in particular, showing that artists and entertainers, in general, have a stunning 33 percent rate of divorce. Professional musicians have a divorce rate only slightly lower at 27.7 percent, too.

High and low divorce rates

However, this rate is actually lower than the divorce rate for communication experts, lawyers and business analysts. Other jobs that suffer from a higher than average rate of divorces include protective service, personal care, administrative support and transportation. On the other hand, those who work in engineering, architecture, mathematics, science, computers and the military had a slightly lower than average rate of divorce.

But your profession does not sound the death knell for your relationship, either. Instead of viewing it as a bad omen, take steps to ensure the safety and health of your relationship as you progress forward. Decide how to approach work and your relationship together, and consider seeking mediation assistance or couples therapy in the event that you need a little extra help.