Tailoring a parenting plan

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Illinois courts allow parents to tailor their parenting plans to meet their needs. When parents reach a custody and parenting time agreement, they can include details that apply to their particular situation. While it might seem easiest to use a standard parenting plan of alternating weeks, this type of parenting schedule may not be the best for every situation.

There are a number of relevant factors that go into creating the right parenting plan. What’s right for one situation may not be right for others. For example, for very young children, alternating weeks may not be the best plan. However, older children might benefit from the stability of longer periods of time with each parent. Parents can consider anything that might be beneficial for their children.

When parents work to create the right schedule for their children, they must consider the factors that matter to them and to their children. While extracurricular activities may not factor into an award of custody, they might make a difference when it comes to determining parenting time. The distance that the child travels for parenting time and the location of the parents can also factor into creating the right schedule.

When parents create a parenting time schedule, they should remember that the circumstances can change. The law understands that as children grow, what’s best for them can vary too. Although custody changes are relatively hard to obtain, parenting time changes can be made by showing good cause for the change. Parents can also agree to modify the parenting time schedule as children get older. With legal advice, a parent may consider all of the relevant factors when they create their parenting plan. A lawyer may help parents understand what makes a workable parenting plan and what unique considerations are present in their case.