Self-care in a divorce is critical

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2020 | Uncategorized

While some Illinois divorces can be settled amicably, other can get messy with the parties battling in court. Both types of divorces can take an emotional toll, but a contentious divorce poses a particular risk to emotional health. There are things to do to preserve sanity even when the divorce is at its most stressful point.

Perhaps the most important thing is to have someone to talk to and share emotions with when they arise. A support network can be as small as a couple of people, but it is vital to not go through the divorce alone. Otherwise, someone is stuck in a closed feedback loop. One of the things in their head may be blaming themselves, which is the worst possible thing to do in a divorce. However, children should not be a part of the support group or get dragged into the middle of the hostilities. This can have an adverse long-term effect on them and make the divorce more bitter.

A person should also occupy themselves as best as they can through sticking with their old hobbies or taking up new ones. Getting out of the house can be a way to escape some of the bitterness and distract the mind from negative thoughts. Finally, an individual should take care to maintain their physical appearance during this time.

A divorce lawyer might make their client’s life easier during this contentious process by dealing with the details that can cause people stress. Court documents and negotiations with the other party can be difficult and distract people from taking care of themselves. The lawyer may deal with the day-to-day issues that come up with the divorce so that their client can worry about getting on with their lives and healing emotionally from a traumatic event.