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Spousal Support And Your Divorce

Also called spousal support or alimony, maintenance is money paid to one divorced spouse by the other. This payment is usually awarded by the court because of a significant difference in income between the two parties. Whether you are seeking maintenance from your spouse as a part of your divorce or your spouse is seeking maintenance, you deserve to work with a lawyer who will ensure that your voice is heard.

At Zimmerman & Walsh, LLP, we can help you negotiate spousal support that will be fair to both you and your spouse. We have served the family law needs of Winnebago County, Boone County and the surrounding areas since 2004, and we will use that experience to create an arrangement that protects your rights and ensures that your needs are met.

In What Situations Is Maintenance Awarded?

In order to create an arrangement that is fair, a wide variety of different factors are considered when you or your spouse have requested maintenance. These factors include:

  • You and your spouse’s income, including disability and retirement
  • You and your spouse’s property, including marital property awarded in the divorce
  • The tax consequences you might incur because of the division of property
  • You and your spouse’s future opportunities for income, including any factor that impacted your income like leaving the workforce to act as a stay at home parent
  • You and your spouse’s age and health
  • The length of your marriage
  • Other factors as determined by the court

Whether you are requesting maintenance or negotiating a request from your spouse, we will help ensure that fairness is achieved. We will work to ensure your unique situation is considered fully and that you have what you need to ensure that your needs are met.

Protect Your Rights Today

Whether you are hoping to file for maintenance in your divorce or have a spouse requesting maintenance, we can help you reach a fair arrangement. Contact our office online or call Zimmerman & Walsh, LLP, to tell us more about your needs.