How can long-distance parents bond with their kids?

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2023 | Divorce

More families opt to co-parent their children together, which is often of great benefit to the child. However, some parents cannot continue living within easy commuting distance of their co-parent or child.

Whether due to job reasons, health, family issues, the military or more, there are fortunately ways for long-distance parents to stay connected.

Use technology

Empowering Parents discusses ways that parents can co-parent even at a distance in this day and age. Technology has come a long way, and it allows for almost constant access to just about anyone you can think of.

This means that it is easier than ever for a parent living far away to make voice calls, video chats or even simply send text messages or emails to a child living on the other side of the world. Make sure to take advantage of that.

Send care packages

Kids love getting mail, and this will stand out, especially in a sea of otherwise digital communication. Send neat, fun and inexpensive gifts in small care packages throughout the year, and not just on holidays or birthdays. Do not forget a card, either. It lets your child know that you have kept them in mind.

Create traditions

This is another great way to create connections and bond with your child even if you do not see them often throughout the year. Watch a favorite movie together, have a favorite meal or visit a certain place whenever they come to visit.

Communicate with your co-parent

Finally, communication is key. The best way to ensure your relationship with your child stays healthy is to keep open communication with the parent who has primary custody.

By keeping these tips in mind, a parent can have a great bond with their kid even from afar.