How can you talk about divorce with your teenager?

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2022 | Family Law

Discussing divorce with your children will always be difficult. The breakup between the heads of the household can give the rest of the family uncertainty. According to Healthline, teenagers may have more understanding than younger kids.

However, you still want to have a careful conversation with teens about the divorce.

What do teens worry about?

Teens do not have the same worries that younger kids do. While younger kids may worry about whether you and your former spouse still love them, teens mostly worry about their social life outside the home. They are less likely to worry about your feelings. They do not usually blame themselves for a divorce. However, they will worry about whether they have to move or what others may think about the breakup. Their social life is one of the most critical aspects of their life. Teenagers tend to be more self-centered and want to know how it affects them personally.

How can you ease your teen’s transition?

Listen to your teen about his or her fears. Teenagers are not fully mature; they still have a lot of mental development. Do not expect your teen to act with complete maturity. You have to provide the tools for your teen to cope with reality. Keep the door open for more discussions. Let your teenager know that he or she can express positive and negative feelings about the changing family dynamic. Additionally, let him or her know that professional help is available.

While divorce always impacts kids, sometimes it is better than staying together. If your teenager knows of the turmoil of your marriage, a divorce may be a relief.