5 advantages in collaborative divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2021 | Family Law

Collaborative divorce remains a realistic and solid option that some couples pursue when ending their marriage. The two parties work together to come up with agreements on issues, including division of assets, parenting time, allocation of parental responsibility and maintenance.

By blending certain elements of mediation and litigation, collaborative divorce represents a problem-solving approach in which each person works toward resolution. They understand that there is no time to waste as each has a stake in the outcome. The benefits are many, too.

Private, saves time and money

There are no mediators since this is not a mediation. However, each party’s attorney is present to provide guidance and insight to their clients. The key requirement, though, is that each attorney must have completed training in the collaborative divorce process.

Among the advantages of collaborative divorce are:

  • Open discussions: Accessibility and civility go together in collaborative divorce. The couple must communicate with each other while also maintaining their composure and subscribing to good behavior.
  • You lead the negotiations: Even though their attorneys are present, the separating couple lead the discussions as they collaborate in order to come to a consensus. It is up to them to reach a resolution, and they know not to waste time.
  • Privacy: An open exchange is much more possible in a private setting as both parties reach higher comfort levels.
  • Cost savings: This route costs significantly less than a standard divorce, especially if litigation is involved.
  • Time savings: With each person playing pivotal roles in the discussions, they can get to a resolution much sooner than litigation. They work on the same goal as they negotiate.

Decisions lie squarely with the soon-to-be-divorced couple. As long as they view this process with a successful resolution in mind, it will work.

Civility leads toward resolution

The advantages of collaborative divorce are many. The negotiations and decisions remain your responsibility. When considering this option, keep in mind that civility goes a long way and will lead you toward resolution.