What are the signs of divorce stress in children?

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Filing for divorce is a major, and often life-changing, decision. Even if you are on amicable terms with your current spouse, your children are likely to experience the effects and aftermath of the divorce. When you have children and are going through a divorce in Illinois, it is important to know how to identify signs that your children are experiencing increased levels of stress due to their surrounding circumstances.

Psychological effects of divorce on kids

Even if a couple in the process of getting a divorce is doing so amicably, there are still repercussions and psychological effects your children are likely to deal with during a divorce themselves. From changes in social behavior to personality, there are many effects a divorce may have on children and teenagers.

Stress and anxiety

You may notice an uptick in stress, anxiety and even irritable behavior in your children during the process of you filing for divorce. Your children are more likely to find themselves stressed out and anxious if they are fearful or confused about their future as well as potential living arrangement changes they are about to face. Speak with your children directly to quell and address fears directly and head on to minimize mental health risks.

Trust issues

Your child may experience trust issues if he or she feels left out of the conversation or the divorce process altogether.

Depression and social isolation

Your children may become depressed and isolate themselves from friends and social situations if they are confused, saddened, angry or feeling alone because of the divorce.

Working together with a legal team that understands divorce proceedings in Illinois can help streamline and expedite the process, helping alleviate long-term stress surrounding the situation as much as possible.