The difference between spousal support and parental responsibility

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A final divorce settlement may address both spousal support and the allocation of parental responsibility. However, it’s important to note that there are key differences between the two items. For example, the amount of child support that you receive is generally based on Illinois state guidelines while spousal support is generally based on factors relevant to your case.

What can child support payments be used for?

Money that is earmarked for your son or daughter must be used to meet their basic needs. For example, you could use a portion of the proceeds that you receive from the child’s other parent to buy food, clothing or other essential items. These payments might also be used to pay educational, medical and other extraordinary expenses that arise. Your divorce attorney may be able to provide further guidance as to how you can use this financial aid to provide for a dependent.

Spousal support payments help you maintain a reasonable standard of living

Spousal support is generally intended to ensure that you live a similar lifestyle to the one that you enjoyed while married. Therefore, spousal support payments can generally be used to buy a car, take a vacation or anything else that you may have spent money on while with your spouse.

Ideally, you’ll speak to an attorney before accepting the terms of a divorce settlement. This may help to ensure that you understand your rights and responsibilities after the marriage is officially over. If necessary, an attorney may help you with the process of modifying the terms of a spousal supporty or parental responsibility order after it goes into effect. Generally speaking, such an order may be altered if you experience a change in your financial circumstances.