Will 50/50 custody work for your family?

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While a 50/50 child custody split might seem like the best option for parents in Illinois, it can actually cause a lot of issues for both parents and children. Both parties have to deal with constant disruptions that make it hard for the children to live normal lives. Ultimately, a different custody split like 60/40 might be the best option for your family.

What makes 50/50 custody difficult?

Many parents opt for 50/50 custody after their divorce. This might sound like a fair arrangement, but it could actually reduce the amount of time that you get with your child. For example, if you and your former spouse don’t live in the same area, you might have to spend half your time driving to your former spouse’s house every week. Some parents actually get more quality time when they accept a smaller share of custody.

50/50 custody also causes more disruption for your child. Every week–often, multiple times a week–they have to go back and forth between their parents’ houses and adjust to the different rules, expectations and living situations. Your divorce attorney might recommend forgoing 50/50 custody so your child has more stability in their life. In extreme cases, one parent might have to take sole custody.

However, it’s important to remember that you should never seek more custody to get back at your former spouse. If you want a different custody arrangement, you should always consider your child’s best interests first.

Is a 50/50 custody arrangement possible?

If neither you nor your former spouse will agree to a different arrangement, you might have to get creative with your custody agreement. Your attorney could help you figure out a custody schedule that maximizes your time with your child and causes as few disruptions as possible.