Does a spouses’ job affect divorce rates?

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2020 | Uncategorized

Most married people in Illinois understand the affect family finances can have on their marriage. Many studies point to financial disputes as a leading cause of divorce in the country. However, recent studies show the type of work performed by a spouse may play an equal role.

A large-scale study conducted by Flowing Data revealed that divorce rates were more than average for workers in transportation, protective services, personal care, and administrative support. Marriages that included individuals working in architecture, engineering, science, mathematics, computers, and the military enjoyed lower rates of divorce.

The stereotype exists that suggests the childish nature of musicians and other creative types makes it difficult for them to find success in marriage. However, the average divorce rate for a professional musician in the United States is 27.7 percent. The numbers are a little higher for artists and entertainers as a whole at 33 percent. But to put the numbers in perspective, artists and entertainers enjoy a lower rate of divorce than lawyers, communication experts, and business analysts.

Individuals with a job that leads to higher divorce rates do not have to assume divorce is inevitable for them. There are steps they can take to avoid allowing problems in the workplace to exert a negative effect on their marriage. One suggestion is for partners to separate their work and home lives as much as possible. Relationships and marriages require intimacy to survive. When the frustrations of a job begin to spill over into the home, feelings of intimacy can suffer. Partners who remember to take time out each day just for the two of them will fare better than those who do not.

Many factors affect the sustainability of a marital union. Individuals who are considering divorce as an option may benefit from a conversation with an attorney.