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Glenda L. Blough

Legal Assistant // Email: [email protected]

Headshot of Glenda L. Blough
Glenda is a legal assistant at Zimmerman & Walsh, LLP.  She worked with Attorney Steve Zimmerman for over 31 years until his passing in April of 2015.  She previously worked for Attorney Zimmerman when he was a partner at Hyzer, Hyzer & Zimmerman and also previously  worked as an office manager and assistant to senior partner, Clifford Stoner, at Pedderson, Menzimer, Conde, Stoner & Killoren.  Glenda provides assistance with corporate matters and takes care of over 150 corporate clients for the firm.  She also assists with commercial real estate matters and some residential real estate matters for corporate clients or estates as well as probate, estate planning, real estate tax assessment complaints and certain litigation matters.

Glenda is a lifelong resident of Rockford and graduated from Rock Valley College with an Associates Degree.  Glenda and her spouse, Barry, have two sons, Ryan and Evan.  Ryan graduated from the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago and resides in Chicago and Evan is getting ready to head off to Iowa State University to study computer engineering this fall.  Glenda enjoys spending time with her family and is an avid gardener and a devoted Chicago Blackhawks fan!